LumberYard Version Features



LumberPro works well
in both automated
and manual lumber environments.


Manual System:

If you have not yet purchased a POS system, you will be happy to know that LumberPro ships with a complete item list already installed. You can adjust unit prices by making a single entry for a group of sizes in one species (for example $895.00/MBF for PT-SYP).

POS Systems:

LumberPro is designed to work well in a lumberyard environment and interface with your existing Point of Sale (POS) System. LumberPro can obtain product costs and prices from virtually all POS systems. Many POS systems allow copying the LumberPro quote, without typing, so that it can be used automatically as a contract and you can begin to ship from it.

Key Lumberyard Features are:

  • POS Import - Provides the ability to read in both Item and Customer Files.

  • POS Export - Provides the ability to send up to the POS System, transactions including the quote itself, as well as customer file maintenance and project information (such as delivery directions).

  • Quote Review - allows re-pricing old quotes, gross margin analysis and repricing of existing quotes.

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  • Copy Quote - allows the use of standard house styles for your geographic area. Also provides the ability to take an existing quote and assign it to a new contractor.

  • File Transmit - allows the Lumberyard to transmit quotes or pricing directly over phone lines to a contractor's LumberPro system.

  • SKU Conversion - provides tools to assist in the rapid conversion of the generic SKU's shipped with LumberPro to your Lumberyard's SKUs.

  • Load Consolidation - provides the ability to group items of a like size and kind into a single consolidated list. The consolidated list can be grouped by first load, second load, etc. Loads show an estimated weight so truck overloads can be spotted in advance.

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