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LumberPro for LumberYards

LumberPro is designed for use by a Lumber Dealer or Professional Builder. While it provides a simple, intuitive approach, it also contains all of the specific professional features that are required and expected by General Contractors.

Complex houses like the structure above are simply divided up into boxes (called segments in LumberPro) and entered into the system by section. First you decide on the core or main part of the house and. . .

A specification is started by describing the dimensions that constitute the basic rectangle of the footprint of the house. This is done by keying numbers into entry boxes on the screen.

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After this is done, a new selection screen guides you through describing the roof system for the house (gable, hip or shed styles are options, as well as slope of the roof and overhang dimensions).

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Most selections are made using the mouse to point and click on option buttons on the screen. LumberPro minimizes the number of times that you are required to type anything on the keyboard and because the process is so simple, a digitizer is never required. For a basic house, after entering a window and door count for each side, the specification process would be complete. However, it is at this point that you have an opportunity to add the features of a more complex house design.


Other segments or windows include:

  • Ells on any side of the house. . .Ells may be added on to other ells
  • Insets or vestibules on any side
  • A basement walkout level may be described
  • A house extension to connect to the garage
  • A breezeway to connect to garage
  • A garage (attached, basement or stand alone)
  • Porches or decks on any side
  • Dormers may be located in an unlimited variety on any roof segment


Only a minimum amount of information is collected for each additional building segment, so the entry process is quite simple.


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LumberPro for LumberYards