Frequently Asked Questions

1. If the LumberPro doesn't use a digitizer, how will we get the blueprints in the system?

If you needed to capture the blueprints for a DRAWING system, a digitizer would be the right way to go. However, over 98% of the dimensions captured with a digitizer would never be used, for estimating. LumberPro uses a simple fill-in-the-form method to capture facts. For example, look at the prints and enter the width across the front, now add the depth, front to rear, etc.


2. Looks great for small houses, how about larger more complex houses?

LumberPro deals with large houses in the same fashion as many estimators would if working manually.

ie. A complex house is simply broken down into boxes,
(called "segments" in LumberPro software). For example, a house might have a "Main" segment, an "Ell" segment on the front, an "Extension" segment on the left, to a "Garage" segment, and so on.


3. If LumberPro not only does the takeoff, but prices the quote too, where do these prices come from?

Basically, there are two approaches to maintaining prices in the system . . .

click on picture to see full size interior takeoff

1. Prices for lumber can be entered as price per thousand board feet ($/MBF) and the system takes care of pricing each stud, joist, rafter etc.
or. . .

2. Unit prices can come via an electronic file from your existing point-of-sale system.

LumberPro has a rich set of tools for POS interface. Many "canned" interfaces to brand name and custom POS systems already available.


4. Every contractor we deal with has their own building methods. How can a software system handle all these differences in details?

The most important part of an estimating system - - is the knowledge of the person doing the estimate. Only you know that this job calls for OSB - while that job will require CDX. We are proud of the fact that LumberPro allows custom material selection for each job, yet selection is accomplished in a very fast, easy and natural way. LumberPro does not rely on pre-built assemblys.


5. We seldom see simple roof systems around here anymore. Most of the houses built in our area have "cut-up" roofs. How does LumberPro deal with complex roofs?

Remember those segments in question 2? Well, each segment can have a different style and slope on it's roof. You never have to worry about hips valleys, ridge extensions. etc. LumberPro takes care of connecting all of the segments - - behind the scenes, and produces a detailed list of parts. So, for this segment you would enter Style - Hip, Pitch 6/12. etc. and LumberPro takes are of the rest.

click on picture to see full size roof takeoff

6. Does LumberPro handle both stick built and trussed roof systems?

You bet! And you can treat each segment individually.
ie. segment 1(the Main part of the House ) might be stick built while segment 2 (the Family Room Extension) could use scissor trusses and yet segment 3 (The Garage) would again be stick built.


7. OK, so the computer will figure the material for me. What if I don't like the results and want to make a change in the takeoff? Can I make changes?

Think of today's carpenter, using a nail gun makes him faster, but he still carries a hammer - - because there are some things that are better if done by hand. In a similar manner LumberPro will make you faster, but not at the expense of preventing you from making adjustments as you go. You can edit, modify or delete any computer generated entry, and of course you can add your own items to the quote.


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8. Lots of times the material requested for a job is not a direct result of the blueprints, but instead is based more on needs in the field - - for things like temporary bracing, strongbacks and springboards. How does LumberPro deal with that?

Where these extra parts are a result of common building practices, LumberPro will anticipate the probable need for items and automatically add them to the quote. Where the extra parts needed are the result of something else, such as the weather, you simply add the extra items to the quote by hand. For example, winter bracing of the main stick can be added by hand, where pouring the basement floor may be delayed until the building could be heated.


9. What if I want to make a change in the specifications in the middle of the quote, do I have to start over?

Heck No! Just remember that a change in a spec. (like the width of the front) will only affect the selection of materials after the change. Everything selected prior to the change will be based on the old value.

10. Can I make changes in material selections, after I have already clicked on my choices?

Sure, no problem! The design of the LumberPro system is based upon the idea that clicking on a button causes the software to first go to the quote and search for any prior entries, it then erases the item(s) associated with that button, having completed the clean-up, the program then adds the new selection. So, you can never accidentally duplicate an item in your quote.


11. When counting windows, do twins and triples count as 2 and 3 openings?

Not usually! If twins and triples are mulled assemblys they would count as one opening. If they were actually two or three singles, then the count would be based on singles.


12. Does the system handle pre-cut studs? How about I Joists? Trussed Floors?

Sure does! You can have 3 sizes of pre-cuts, 4 brands of I Joists, and your own custom floor trusses.


13. Can I adjust the selection of header stock? What if I want to use a Paralam or LVL's?

Our latest revision now allows "click-on" selection of every header material type that we have seen so far. If more turn up in the future they will be added to your software updates as soon as they are discovered. LumberPro attempts to stay current with new material availability, regional techniques and code requirement changes, by producing frequent updates for all of our users.


14. Does the system produce a Cut List?

Depends on what you mean by a cut list! We think that a list with details for cutting stock (for example - Joists are to be sized at 14' - 3 3/4") is a waste of time. As the building is being constructed, field conditions will usually dictate adjustments in the designs dimensions. However, we think it is immensely helpful to the framer to indicate that the 16's were for 1st Floor Joists, the 22's were figured for stringers, and the 14's were planned for header stock. Every line item in the LumberPro quote has a "Purpose" indicated.


15. LumberPro's lumber list with an identified purpose for every item is COOL, but doesn't this scatter the same size parts all over the quote?

Yeah, I guess that's the downside of all this detail. However, there are separate reports available if you need a consolidated list. You can consolidate all items into one list, or you can consolidate the items for each truck load. LumberPro even gives you an estimated weight for each load so you can spot possible overloads before they happen.


16. Can I print a list with a final total only?

Yes! At last count LumberPro has 12 different report styles. And we'll add more if you show us why you need the information in some other fashion.


17. Does the system include drywall? insulation? interior trim? roofing?

All those! Of course you only need to include the parts you plan to sell for this job in your quote. It's easier to talk about what's not in the quote. You will need a separate window and door schedule as well as a stair parts schedule for finish stair parts. (volutes, newel's, balusters, etc.) Interior Doors will be added to the selection screens in the near future.


18. What if the girder is laid out like a "T' or its a Split Girder? How does the system handle these special joist lengths?

No problem! The system allows up to 6 different joist layout patterns for every building segment. On complex structures, this gives a very wide variety of joist and girder layout patterns. Joists are automatically sized based on the selected girder layout.

click on picture to see full size joist takeoff


19. Can I re-price and renew a quote that was done six months ago?

Sure! Takes one button click!


20. Look's like LumberPro covers everything I need!
How much is it?

The Lumberyard Version is $995.00.
Contractor Versions are available for only $535.00.

Shipping and handling are:

Ground. . . . . . . . . . $29.00
2nd Day Air. . . . . . $17.00
Next Day Air. . . . . $29.00

Call us for quantity pricing for 3 or more systems.