Company Info

"Atlantic Quote Systems is clearly commited to listening to our customer's needs and incorporating suggestions that will benefit users throughout our industry. We encourage suggestions and pledge that we will continue to enhance LumberPro to meet our customers requirements. It is our goal to be rated "Best-in-its-class" by the lumber dealers and contractors who use software tools."

-Robert Ranck
President, Atlantic Quote Systems, Inc.



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Atlantic Quote Systems was founded in 1993 by Robert Ranck. Bob has over 30 years of experience under his belt in the field of computer technology. He started out as a computer hardware engineer and moved on to sales, first as a sales engineer and finally as VP Sales and marketing. His experience included many facets of the business, including management of multi-billion receivables with a major corporation.In 1986, he changed careers, charging into residential construction for the next 9 years. The combination of his experience in both fields has led to the birth of Atlantic Quote Systems, an innovative company where hands-on construction and technology have finally found harmony in the launching of the LumberPro Software System.

While working as a contractor, Ranck found that the level of detail and accuracy incorporated in the estimating process was often the most significant contributing fact that led to profit or loss on any given project. After trying a variety of off-the-shelf estimating systems, as well as several spreadsheets and templates, Bob was frustrated with the end results, unhappy with functionality and lack of detail in estimating programs available on the market. He concluded that it was time to write a professional estimating program, targeting new home construction.

Bob devoted three years to authoring LumberPro. Atlantic Quote Systems introduced the first version of LumberPro at the 1996 Northeastern Lumber Dealers Association Show at the World Trade Center in Boston. Today, Bob is surrounded in a bee hive of activity, as the acceptance of LumberPro has been very rapid. Over 300 Lumberyards across the United States are presently utilizing LumberPro's superior features and ease of use.

The company became Atlantic Quote Systems Incorporated in 1998, and continues to grow rapidly as we move into 2000. LumberPro has matured to become the premier estimating software system for use by professionals. LumberPro has had much success due to its simplicity and ease of use, because it follows the same process one would use to perform a manual takeoff. Accurate takeoffs, increased profit margins for both the builder and the lumberyard, the need for fewer "fill-in" deliveries, and fewer "pickups" of excess stock are but a few of the many benefits that accrue to the users of LumberPro.